How does it work?

To put it simply, we are walking together with God.

Here's how:


We are reading and studying the same text each week. You can think of Sundays kind of like a book club. Read the book in advance! We have a teaching video that comes out earlier in the week to help guide your study.

You can start now by going to and joining us in the daily readings.

2. Intentional Relationships

These discipleship relationships consist of 2-4 people that regularly connect to encourage one another.

We see Intentional Relationships developing within our Communities where Christians can love each other enough to be honest about their struggles and to encourage one another in listening to and obeying God.

You can start by praying that God will show you the person or people with whom you can form a deeper relationship. Ask that person if they’d like to meet. As you meet, share honestly about what God is teaching you. You can love others by keeping your discussions confidential and encouraging them to look to and follow Jesus.

3. Intentional Communities

In an Intentional Community, 6-20+ adults meet every Sunday with their families to follow the example of the early church set in Acts 2:42-47. These individual churches meet in a home to enjoy fellowship around meals, corporate worship, prayer, communion, and applicational Bible study.

Church is not a building or an event to attend, it is a new community formed around the love of God. So we seek to serve one another and be served, using our spiritual and natural gifts to build up one another in Jesus.

You can start by reaching out to someone already in a group or the leader of an Intentional Community. Be sure to think of it like a family and not like something to just watch (sporting event or concert). You should come wanting to serve. Be intentional!

Our ultimate goal: growing the kingdom of God

Our strategy is to multiply communities of people who are walking together with God, bearing fruit for His kingdom. We see the kingdom of God growing exponentially as more and more people join the mission of Jesus to spread His love and gospel throughout the region. Not only will individuals and families be redeemed but entire communities will be restored! Christ is making all things new, and that includes business and politics and education and the way all of life is lived!

It starts with you!